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The focus of illuminate is to Believe in Tomorrow Today, as we focus on empowering young people about their innovative capacity and to help existing businesses to work smarter. Having had over 1000 students undertake our innovation education programs, we also want to share our skills and experiences with organisations of any shape and size – even those which are just starting up – to help you go to the next level. With every project illuminate is involved with, we develop a specific solution for your needs rather than just copying and pasting something that has no relevance to you. Combining our experiences of a design thinking process overlaid with experience across all major industries, we use all of this to inform the best course of action for your situation.


Founded in 2010, illuminate is a multi-award-winning business that still remains completely focused on empowering young people and businesses. Since our launch, we’ve worked with a number of major organisations across all sectors to deliver meaningful outcomes, from engaging with large audiences and communities through too providing specific insight and training on an aspect of business, and even helping entrepreneurs take their idea out of their head and starting running their own business. A key part of what we do is to not only present the ideal outcomes of the project, but also take partners on a journey with us guiding them along the way – so someone is always on hand to answer questions and stop them feeling out of their depth.


Whether it is through support in developing and implementing business or marketing strategies, undertaking community engagement in a fun and meaningful manner, supporting start ups to take the next step or supporting your business by managing online and social media – we are here. And although you might only want support in one of these areas, having the experience of all of the others as well as running our education programs will allow us to intertwine these into what we deliver to you – delivering the best outcome for you, your customers and the wider community.

Our Services

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Social Media &
Digital Marketing

Digital media is transforming the way we communicate and connect – and is an important place for any organisation to be to stay relevant in communicating with possible audiences. As 1 in 1.65 Australians use Facebook currently, social media platforms cannot be ignored as a vital communication platform for businesses to explore. In days gone by, similar ratios would have been spoken about listeners to the radio or readers of the newspaper, but considering the prevalence of technology in our lives, digital media is the new platform we are all meeting in and around, and so businesses need to be there too.

Everyone at illuminate Consulting are digital natives, comfortable with these technologies and having built platforms and pages for our own purposes as well as clients. Businesses and organisations can leverage our skills and expertise in this area to develop strategic plans, manage pages or train staff to maximise the digital space for your business so you too can engage with audiences in ways that achieve important objectives and outcomes.

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Business & Marketing
Strategy Advice

For most businesses, it’s so easy to get bogged down in the day to day operations and miss out making those larger strategic moves that can help transform your business for the future. And for some, those strategic outcomes either do not exist or appear so vague that it’s hard to work towards the outcomes. At illuminate, we understand the importance of strategy in helping a business grow and impact more customers in new ways, and also how to implement these strategies so that everyone in the organisation is actively working towards them.

We have extensive experience in teaching these skills to high school students as well as developing business and marketing plans for organisations across Tasmania. Whether the support you need is to help implement a specific project or undertake a deeper evaluation of your business, even to writing your first marketing or business plan, illuminate has the experience of working with entrepreneurs and organisations across many different fields to benefit your organisation.

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& Startups

We believe in the power and potential of entrepreneurs, as clearly shown in our sister business illuminate Education. To support those who want to go to the next stage and start their own business, or have started one and want to get things back on track, illuminate offers a targeted mentoring package to set a strong strategic path for entrepreneurs through our program illuminate Your Business. While those we interact with are creative and have fantastic business ideas, the systems and processes behind those businesses need to be sustainable and scalable, so as the business grows, the entrepreneur won’t let their customers down. To deliver this, a representative of illuminate (depending on the skill area you need the most support in) will mentor and support the entrepreneur on how their business is going, how they can be effective and support them in taking their business to the next level. Because of the time investment and commitment we make towards our entrepreneurs, we do have a cap on the number of mentoring clients we work with at any one time – so that we can help each business fulfil it’s potential with the dedication that the business deserves.

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Mentoring & Training

We’re passionate about seeing businesses develop skills in house to succeed in all areas, and run public presentations as well as targeted mentoring and training to help make this happen. These sessions are led by Adam Mostogl, who was the 2015 Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year and qualified teacher, who uses these skills to engage and transfer skills to see more people in business are confident in digital marketing and being innovative.

Adam has proudly been involved in the Digital Ready program (run by the Department of State Growth, Tasmania) since 2015, having impacted over 100 Tasmanian businesses with vital digital marketing and technology skills they can use on a daily basis, and regularly speaks around Australia sharing his passion and ideas with audiences to achieve their core objectives across all fields.

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Integrate marketing into your business strategy.

Integrate community development into how your business starts up.

Integrate implementation and strategy into the one document.

With many different experiences across fields of business and community development, we combine all of these to benefit your outcomes no matter the focus.


In any given week, Adam Mostogl might be helping young entrepreneurs to kick-start their companies, stimulating small businesses to challenge the status quo, challenging communities to understand their potential or teaching hundreds of students to embrace innovation to solve the problems of the future. Focused on empowering the community to create change, Adam established illuminate in 2009 and partners with many organisations, to inspire young people to embrace their creativity, identify business solutions to simple problems and recalibrate their approaches to learning. Living by his motto that “if you want something done for the community, you need to get out and do it”, Adam inspires young people to realise their potential, unleash their creativity and seize the opportunities, because, as he says, “the world is ready”.

Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Education.

Adam Mostogl

Founder / Business and Community Strategist
2015 Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year

Taz believes in community development through the sharing of ideas, transfer of knowledge and relationship-driven collaboration. She is an experienced facilitator with a passion for helping people achieve their best. Taz has worked with over 2000 young Australians and travelled widely delivering workshops on a number of topics, including: public speaking, community leadership, creative thinking, growth industries, personal branding, social justice and campaigning. Taz has a diverse background in multiple leadership roles, consistently working to drive big ideas, interactive learning and strong teams. In everything that she does, she brings energy, compassion, resilience and humour. When Taz is not on the road facilitating, she enjoys dinosaurs, board games and origami.

Education, Social Justice, Leadership, Not For Profit, Design, Marketing, Youth, Marketing & Entrepreneurship.

Talitha 'Taz' Devadass

Marketing and Design Strategist

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